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Welcome to Lighten Your Load Laundry Service! We are your premier home laundry delivery service covering Plymouth, Canton, Livonia and Northville. 


Why use Lighten Your Load Laundry Delivery Service?

Here at Lighten Your Load, we take the stress and time out of laundry by doing everything for you! With our easy subscription service you eliminate the following, and defer it to us:

  • Travel time to and from the store for laundry supplies.

  • Travel cost (gas) to and from the store for laundry supplies.

  • Labor (washing, drying, folding)


Just imagine putting your laundry in one of our easy to use bags and placing it on your doorstep. One of our employees will gladly pick it up. Then we’ll wash, dry, fold and deliver your laundry to your doorstep in 1-2 days. It’s that easy! 


Our laundry delivery service is perfect for those who are constantly on the go, veterans, students, seniors or those who just dislike doing laundry. By outsourcing your time and labor to us, you can focus more on the things you love.


We are family owned and operated.

Our machines are sanitized daily.

Each load of laundry is treated with love.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


Choose from one of our simple delivery packages below and an associate will reach out to you to discuss pricing and your first pick up.

Senior, Student and Military discounts available.

premier laundry delivery service

Our Laundry Delivery Services

Each subscription includes:

  • Fast 1 or 2 day pick-up and delivery time

  • Complimentary laundry bag, holds 2 big loads of laundry

  • Wash, dry and professional fold

  • Regular or Unscented laundry detergent

  • Fresh smelling dryer sheets

Singles or Couple Laundry Delivery


Singles or Couples subscription (1-2 people)

Approximately 8 loads/month or 1 bag/week.

Small Family Laundry Delivery


Small family subscription (3-4 people)

Approximately 16 loads/month or 2 bags/week.

Large Family Laundry Delivery


Large family subscription (4+ people)

Approximately 24 loads/month or 3 bags/week.

Comforter Delivery for:
  • Twin

  • Full

  • Queen

  • King

Referral Program:


Ask about how you can decrease your monthly subscription with our Referral Program.


  • 1 day pick-up and delivery time 

  • Scent booster beads 

  • Delicate/Hand-Wash

Our Services


“Thank you Lighten Your Load Laundry Service! I do not have to do laundry anymore!.”


“Kind and professional family. My clothes were delivered on time, smelt great, and were neatly folded.”


“Thanks for allowing one less thing for me to do after a busy day of work. Pick up and delivery is so helpful”




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